Doug Grauel has been my lawyer for almost 3 yrs now. It is terrible when you have no where to turn to when you are hurt really bad at work and are going up against a large company and their insurance company. You find out really quick they are only interested in money and how much they can save and could care less about the employee or how badly he is hurt.Well I had to find a lawyer and thank God I found Doug. He did not allow the ins. co. to take advantage of me and they tried many times. Doug and his staff fought for me everyday and they do not treat you like a client they treat you like family. Even when my case is finally over I will keep in contact with Doug and Dianne because of the way they treated me through this whole process. Doug also keeps you informed every step of the way and answers all questions and concerns. I cannot give high enough praises for Doug and his staff I would highly recommend them to anyone. They truly are a God send. They made an extremely difficult and painful situation much better. You will not find a better lawyer anywhere.