If you found us through a NOLO-affiliated website (www.workerscompensationlawfirms.com, or www.disabilitysecrets.com or one of several others), you should know that NOLO asks you for your zip code, plus a few details about your claim, then it directs you to several law firms. NOLO also emails your case summary to the lawyers that it lists in your area, in effect creating a race to the telephone for those lawyers.

The first one to call you might be the best one for you.  Or it might be the fastest dialer.  We encourage you to talk to all the lawyers you want to before deciding which one suits you, but we do ask that you include us in that list!

We try to offer the best attention we can to all of our clients, and if a NOLO request comes in while we are meeting with an existing client, or speaking with them on the phone, we will not be the fastest dialers.  But if you talk to us and eventually do become one of our clients, then when it is time to work on your case, well, we will be doing that instead of calling back first on a future NOLO inquiry.

Grauel law offices offers a free in-person consultation on workers’ compensation, injury claims, and Social Security Disability claims.  Please call to make an appointment if you would like to meet with us to discuss your claim.